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« Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it. »

Thomas Fuller

Every question has its answer!

Do not hesitate to write to us by email if your request does not appear among these.

What is OuiLove Paris ?

Ouilove is a concept developed by the company SLK Agency in early 2018. The  company offers the client services
high-end, while allowing it to control their budget. The challenge was to be able to reach "quality" at "lower cost".

Our various partners gathered and the specifications established, Ouilove was launched in Paris, and promises a beautiful future in the months to come.

Why entrust the organization of my evening to a specialized agency?

We see a considerable development of smartphone applications with the object: "Time saving".

Our vision is similar: to offer the customer the possibility in a few clicks, on smartphone, tablet or pc, a service as personalized as it is. We provide permanent quality control to our partners, based on various criteria identified by a large hotel chain. Our objective is to ensure that the quality of the services offered is maintained.

Can we personalize our shopping cart ?


We offer you three formulas, defined according to your budget. Once your choice is made, a list of benefits will be offered by phone, allowing you to prepare THE evening you dreamed of for her/him!

What is your geographical area of action ?

Our services are available from Paris-Ile de France, and soon in other cities of France;

If you do not reside in Paris, we can arrange for one
of our drivers awaits you at the place of your choice, and recovers you during a walk, a shopping day,..

Is there a minimum booking time for a trip ?

Yes !

We ask that all orders be placed at least 72 hours before the desired date in order to ensure the availability of all the services you have subscribed to.

The service is available every night except Sunday !

How can I paid you ?

We accept payments by Paypal and credit card.

Once the service is ordered, what is the next step?

Our team will contact you by phone to finalize the details.

How does a service work?

On the day of your order, you will receive a text summarizing the hours and parameters of your evening.
Our driver will pick you up at the designated location and take you to the restaurant.
The bouquet of flower will be given to you by the driver, or will have been carefully arranged in your room.
You will then be guided to the restaurant. A starter, a main course and a dessert will be proposed.
Your driver will then take you from the restaurant to the hotel.
The next morning, breakfast will be offered
before being escorted to the previously agreed upon address by telephone.

I wish to cancel my order, how do I do this ?

To cancel an order, you must send us an email at:

We will take into account the date of receipt of the email in the cancellation fee.

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