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OuiLove Paris is constantly looking for new partners.

The chauffeur service offered to our customers allows them not to have to worry about transportation during their experience.


us hold on  to maintain a rate of high satisfaction. To do this, we meet each of our partners before starting.

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Your journeys, their experience...

You will be required to accompany our customers at the different stages of their evening.

From their home to the restaurant, from the heliport to the hotel, from a theme park to the first place they meet: our journeys are varied, but known in advance!

To simplify your task, we assign you only one customer per evening, whose route is known 48 hours before.

Your vehicle, our prices...

We ask that all drivers have their own vehicle.

De berlin rangee less than 6 years old, maintained and monitored in the workshop et non-damaged / marked / screen printed.

The prices are pre-known: you will know in advance how much you will earn! The transfer will be made to your account within 48 hours after the service has been completed.

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