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Since 2018..

I'm a true romantic and after several previous professional experiences, I decided to venture into an entrepreneurial project that would be as exciting as finding true love. I was tired of seeing people using the same old tips online when they were looking for guidance. I was confident that I could bring something new to an industry that had lost its appeal by doing things differently.


I did it my way by offering the support I wish I had. If I could imagine it, I knew I could do it. It wasn't a revolutionary idea, but a vision of an event that would meet the client's expectations. It would be more real and seamless: the perfect event!

Matthieu Sauleek, Founder of OuiLove Paris.

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Our concept

OuiLove is managed by a team of passionate, enthusiastic and daring individuals who share the same vision: to embellish love by offering genuine, expert services that change the way you say I love you.

We created a platform that everyone can identify with and navigate. We were the first company to offer this. Our platform is constantly evolving and provides the best services in a transparent manner. 


What is our mission? To reinvent love!

We believe in love and in your dreams, so we work hard to organize your events in the most professional manner. We offer complete packages, carefully select our partners and adapt our offers to your needs.


We strive to provide excellent consulting services for a successful event. We are committed to listening to you with empathy, providing expert guidance, and giving you the keys to a well-organized event.

Our commitments

Being close to you


We are there for you throughout the entire project, 24 hours a day

We are experts in our field


With many love stories to our credit


That's our no1 priority!

Marry me led proposal

Latest testimonials



My experience has been fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised by the support, the efficiency and the quality of the services offered!

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