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10 steps to planning a wedding proposal for LGBTQ+ couples

Ready to propose to your partner? Don't know where to start though? Here are the top 10 steps to organize your proposal, especially LGBTQ+!


1. Set your priorities

Decide what is important to you in your proposal and plan accordingly.

2. Find an appropriate location

Choose a location that is meaningful to you as a couple or that fits your values and style.

3. Plan the logistics

Make sure everything is in place for a successful proposal, including equipment rental, reservations, etc.

4. Develop a speech

Prepare a proposal speech that is personal and reflects your love and commitment to each other.

5. Set the mood

Think about decorations and music to create a romantic and memorable atmosphere.

6. Invite your loved ones

If you want your loved ones to be present at your proposal, plan ahead to include them.

7. Plan a celebration

Plan a celebration after the proposal to celebrate your commitment.

8. Prepare for emotions

Prepare yourself for the intense emotions that can arise during a proposal.

9. Follow the rules

Make sure you respect the rules and norms of the LGBTQ+ community you are in.

10. Enjoy the moment

The proposal is a memorable and important moment, make the most of it with your partner.



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