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(FULL GUIDE 2023) TOP 15 steps to organize your wedding

That's it: your partner said yes! All our congratulations! All that remains is to organize the most beautiful day of your life. To help you, here is a list of 15 detailed steps to organize a wedding!


1. Establish a budget

  • Make a list of priority expenses

  • Determine how much money you have to spend

  • Look for ways to reduce costs

  • Develop a financing plan

  • Allocate money for contingencies

  • Consider potential savings (for example, off-season wedding dates may be cheaper)

2. Choose a date and location

  • Make a list of potential dates

  • Check the availability of venues, taking into account your preferences (season, day of the week, etc.)

  • Consider logistics (proximity to guest accommodations, distance between ceremony and reception locations, etc.)

  • Reserve the ceremony and reception locations

3. Plan the ceremony

  • Determine the type of ceremony (civil, religious, secular, etc.)

  • Find an officiant (minister, pastor, priest, etc.)

  • Determine the format of the ceremony (traditional, original, etc.)

  • Choose music and readings

  • Plan the procession and exit from City Hall

4. Develop the guest list

  • Make a list of people to invite (- and priority guests such as immediate family, closest friends, etc.)

  • Consider the capacity of the reception venue

  • Make a priority guest list

  • Send out wedding invitations

5. Select menu

  • Determine the type of meal (buffet, table service, etc.)

  • Consider dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten free, etc.)

  • Develop a menu with the help of the caterer or venue staff

  • Taste the dishes to be sure of what you are serving to your guests

  • Develop a beverage list (wine, beer, soft drinks, etc.)

6. Choose the decoration

  • Determine the general style (romantic, country, sophisticated, etc.)

  • Develop a plan for the ceremony and reception decorations

  • Select centerpieces, floral arrangements, tablecloths and napkins, etc.

7. Select wedding dress and suit

  • Determine the style of the dress (princess, mermaid, etc.)

  • Make appointments at several wedding dress stores

  • Try on different styles and colors

  • Choose the dress and accessories (veil, gloves, jewelry, etc.)

  • Select the suit for the groom (tuxedo, three-piece suit, etc.)

8. Plan activities for guests

  • Determine the activities for the guests (photobooth, entertainment, etc.)

  • Develop a plan for children's activities (game, coloring, etc.)

  • Consider activities for guests during downtime (live music, video, etc.)

  • Coordinate with providers for activities

9. Find the providers

  • Research vendors (photographer, DJ, etc.)

  • Establish a list of priority providers

  • Make appointments for interviews with vendors

  • Evaluate offers and quotes

  • Sign contracts with selected vendors

10. Develop the music playlist

  • Determine music genres for the ceremony and reception

  • Develop a list of songs to include

  • Consider guest requests for music

  • Coordinate with the DJ or music provider

11. Plan gifts for guests

  • Make a list of gifts for guests (thank you gifts, gifts for children, etc.)

  • Estimate costs for gifts

  • Research suppliers for gifts

  • Wrap the gifts and place them on the gift table

12. Plan transportation

  • Make a list of guests requiring transportation

  • Consider transportation options (rental cars, buses, etc.)

  • Estimate costs for transportation

  • Coordinate with transportation providers

13. Plan honeymoon details

  • Determine honeymoon destination

  • Consider accommodation options (hotel, villa, etc.)

  • Estimate costs for accommodations

  • Plan honeymoon activities (excursions, sports, etc.)

  • Coordinate with accommodation providers

  • Pack for the wedding night

14. Develop a contingency plan

  • Plan for unforeseen events (unfavorable weather, no provider, etc.)

  • Establish a plan for emergencies

  • Designate a trusted person to handle contingencies

  • Consider backup options for critical situations (cancellation, rescheduling, etc.)

15. Plan the honeymoon

  • Determine the destination for the honeymoon

  • Estimate costs for the honeymoon

  • Consider accommodation options (hotel, villa, etc.)

  • Coordinate with honeymoon providers.

In summary, planning a wedding can be a complex and stressful process, but by planning ahead and following these 15 steps, you can ensure that your wedding day will be memorable and stress-free!

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