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Public or private proposal? Let's compare !

You are still hesitating about the place where you want to make your proposal? Here is a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of proposing in public or in private!


Benefits of Proposing in Public:

  • Memorable Moment: A public proposal can be a very memorable moment for the couple, and can be a testament for future generations.

  • Sharing with loved ones: A public proposal allows the couple's family and friends to witness the moment and share in the excitement.

  • Symbolic: A public proposal can be seen as a public declaration of love and commitment, reinforcing the symbolism of the proposal.

Disadvantages of a public proposal:

  • Stress: For some people, proposing in public can be very stressful and can take away from the intimacy and spontaneity of the moment.

  • Lack of privacy: Proposing in public can mean there is little time and space to be alone and intimate, which can be disappointing for some couples.

  • Inability to control the environment: Proposing in public can mean that you have no control over the environment, distractions and interference.

Advantages of proposing in private:

  • Intimacy and spontaneity: Proposing in private allows for an intimate, personal moment without the distractions and interference of the outside world.

  • Control of the environment: Proposing privately means you have more control over the environment, mood and details, for a more personalized moment.

  • Time and space to be alone: Proposing privately allows time and space to be alone and enjoy the moment, without interruption.

Disadvantages of proposing privately:

  • Lack of witnesses: Proposing privately can mean there are no witnesses to share the moment and tell family and friends.

  • Less memorable: Proposing in private can be less memorable than proposing in public, as there is less stimulation and ways to capture the moment.

  • Lack of public symbolism: Proposing in private can mean there is no public declaration of love and commitment, which can be disappointing for some couples.

Expert advice: We do a huge number of proposals every year. There is no doubt that a public proposal is not for everyone. The intimacy offered by private venues allows you, in our opinion, to really savor the moment by living it only with two (or more if you want to bring your entourage), without embarrassment or risks around.



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