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10 unique ideas for a romantic proposal

Here you are: you have decided to propose to your partner. All you have to do is plan your proposal. To help you, here are 10 romantic proposal ideas!


1. Under the stars

Organize a party in a secluded place with a big carpet and cushions. Prepare a dinner of his favorite meal and then propose under the stars: emotions guaranteed!

2. A romantic walk under the stars

Take your significant other to a peaceful place, like a park or beach, and propose while looking up at the stars.

3. An intimate dinner

Plan a romantic dinner in a private place, such as a rooftop or apartment with a view, with a table decorated with candles and roses. Enlist the services of an in-home chef to help you and then ask for your significant other.

4. A surprise video

Create a personal video for your other half that shows the most important moments of your relationship, your story and conclude with your proposal.

5. A day in a balloon

Board a hot air balloon for a romantic trip and ask while admiring the breathtaking views.

6. An adventure at sea

Rent a sailboat for a romantic day at sea, and ask while admiring the sunset.

7. A musical proposal

Invite your other half to a live music concert, and ask on stage with the help of the singer or band.

8. A romantic getaway

Take a weekend getaway to a romantic place, like a castle or country inn, and propose to your significant other in an idyllic setting.

9. A proposal at the airport

Plan a surprise at the airport, complete with signs and balloons, and ask when you return from your trip.

10. A message in the sky

Rent a plane that will shoot a message into the sky, such as "Will you marry me?" and ask your significant other while admiring the air show.



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